Tuesday, 21 April 2015

I'm Back !!

Hell yeah !!!

It's been long time I was away from this blog.
Now, It's time to recollect all the knowledge and start putting it down here.

So, I'd like to share what happened in this last 3 years... :)

well, nothing special. As usual Life.

I have traveled a lot in past year 2014. It was wonderful time with new and old friends, colleagues and all.

The good thing, Minesweeper is still running in a good shape,

Ahh!! Unfortunetly, I have closed my account, so I may have to rebuild the app again after creating new facebook app. Anyways. Let's go further.

I have created ChainReaction Game also which is a multiplayer game.

I have created a wesbite[www.couponbadshah.com] for shopping coupons and offers, which is created in MVC4, and with the help of OWIN, external authentication is handled.

I'm working on another website, named famousbite.com. dont know when I will actually start my coding and publish it. But I have it in my mind to develop and publish to help all food-alcoholic people.

that's it for now,

see you falks.