Saturday, 15 October 2011


Hello Friends,
Minesweeper in WPF is same as Minesweeper available in Windows 7.

Still, I am working on it. trying to add extra feature like Tweet from application and facebook status update from application, so that it makes it different from other sources.

I have created four different levels to play this game.
I will update this game to custom mode soon.

People like this because WPF have good UI features.

Right now, i have not uploaded this game because it is not complated yet.
If you are interested to play, just mail me. i will send you the game.
But 1st requirement is your system should have Microsoft .net framwork installed, otherwise it wont work.

Thanks to Nirmit who helped me for Tweeter and Facebook Integration.

Here Screenshots are attached.

For suggestions you can mail me at

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